Mind-Blowing Close-up Magic 

Close-up magic is the hardest form of magic as miracles are performed right in front a spectator's eyes. It is an ideal form of entertainment for restaurants, weddings 
or corporate events where guests need to be entertained while dining.

Robbie uses his personality to perform some mind-blowing close-up and mental magic to amaze and amuse your customers and guests. He likes to involve as many guests in his performance as possible and this always leads to hilarious situations. Having spent over twenty years as a comedy magician doing cabaret as well as close-up magic, Robbie really knows how to entertain an audience.

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Restaurant Magic

It's a fantastic way to promote your restaurant especially with family Sunday lunches and Magical  themed evenings becoming so popular. Robbie will create a wonderful atmosphere by visiting each table and giving a sensational close-up magic show that will get your restaurant talked about and lead to repeat bookings. If there are children dining, he will perform some magic for them too. 

He performs a variety of miracles using cards, ropes and other everyday objects and even some cheeky magic too when the occasion arises.

Robbie has performed his close-up show at hundred's of events including trade shows, race meetings and other corporate events. 

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