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Close-up Magic

Close-up magic is the hardest form of magic as miracles are performed right in front of a spectator's eyes. It is an ideal form of entertainment for restaurants, weddings or corporate events where guests need to be entertained while dining.

He uses his personality to perform some mind-blowing close-up and mental magic to amaze and amuse your customers and guests. He likes to involve as many guests in his performances as possible and this often leads to hilarious situations.

Restaurant Magic

It's a fantastic way to promote your restaurant especially with family Sunday lunches and Magical themed evenings becoming so popular. Robbie will create a wonderful atmosphere by visiting each table and giving a sensational close-up magic show that will get you restaurant talked about and lead to repeat bookings.

If there are children dining, he will perform some magic for them too.

He performs a variety of miracles using cards, ropes, coins and other everyday objects.

  • Robbie does not just make the magic happen in his hands - he makes it happen IN YOUR HANDS too! For example, inside a spectators hands coins magically change places with one and other and a signed note held by the spectator disappears and then instantly reappears inside a locked brass tube leaving the spectators gasping with disbelief.
  • He is able to tell a female spectator the age she would like to be by simply looking into her eyes which is always funny to witness.
  • His invisible deck routine (requiring spectators to use their imaginations and mime certain actions) always leads to guaranteed laughter and applause.

He has performed his close-up act at many events around the country including dinner dances, banquets, race meetings, corporate presentations, and fund raising events etc and is always in demand.

For small dinner parties, he can either mingle with your guests before or during your meal or provide a full after dinner parlour show. Robbie will tailor the entertainment to suit your needs making sure it will be a night to remember.